New owner and new to the forum (2009 CTS-V)


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Hello everyone, I got my 2009 CTS-V few weeks ago (76K miles, automatic, black/black). I own already for couple of years 2005 Pontiac GTO LS2 6.0L, manual, black/red, 104K miles. I simply had opportunity to buy this CTS-V and I could not hesitate. I do not know much about the car, but I did full inspection in my local shop. Obviously, there are things I will need to do, some more urgent and some over time. It has 650HP modification package installed by shop, up-graded exhaust, and lower suspension. The good thing is that I have previous owner (older gentlemen) $5K detailed bills for engine/suspension job , so hopefully this will help me to address some issues car has. But overall car is in great cosmetic shape, with some maintenance work ahead of me and few things (may be little , may be bigger) where I will drop some questions on the forum to get your ideas and tips what to do or what options I have. Overall I am excited about CTS-V, I love combination of power and Cadillac premium feel and cannot wait for spring to be able to do more.

I am really happy to join CTS-V community, learn from you all and hopefully post here some things over time as well to share and contribute/help others. Thanks for reading my introduction post. All the best in 2024!

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