Rear leaking shock (2009 and 76K miles)


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I have just got my 2009 CTS-V in January 2024 (76K miles, automatic, black/black). I did full inspection in my local shop. Obviously, there are things I need to do, some more urgent and some over time. It has 650HP modification package installed by shop, up-graded exhaust, and lower suspension. This is not my daily driver, and I will not race or track this car, I plan to enjoy weekend rides (2K miles a year most likely). I plan to drop some questions on the forum in the next weeks to get your ideas and tips what to do or what options I have. I appreciate your comments, suggestions, or feedback.

Issue: rear right shock is leaking. I can not feel anything when driving. See the picture.
  1. Can I drive this longer until I feel it does not perform or should I change both rear shocks because driving like that can damage something else over time?
  2. If replacing, do you have any suggestions vs. stock. I see OEM shocks lowest ~$360/each + tax/shipping. Any positive experience with aftermarket options? Example: Chinese LUFT MEISTER on eBay $260/pair + tax.
  3. Any other suggestions or comments are welcome and I am fine to hear straight feedback or input.
Thanks for watching my post!

rear right shock.PNG