Turn One track/street Power steering pump - fittment write up

I recently believed I had a bad power steering pump in my 2005 V. Reading through forums, it is reported that the stock pumps are not made for high RPM use over time, and overheat/burn the oil. It was reported that some folks added a larger cooler, but that was just a band-aid over the original issue of the pump being run too fast. Additionally it was stated that a larger pully cannot be added due to the size of neighboring accessories.

Searching the internet, I found a couple of options for aftermarket pumps built to be used at higher RPM. The one that seemed to be most reasonably priced, made in USA, and supposedly 'bolt in' was the 'turn one' brand pump. From their website 'a direct bolt-in replacement for the stock Toyoda pump' ... 'designed to save you up to 3hp and reduce the power steering fluid temperatures. Made 100% in the USA ' (http://www.turnone-steering.com/#!o...illac-CTS-V-Pump/p/47851980/category=12405744)

Unfortunately the pump was not directly bolt in, but required a couple of changes and discussions with the folks at turn one. Turn one was very helpful in the situation.

I wrote up the information I used and added some pictures of the install here:

Pump seems to work really well, with very little if any diminished power at idle.

Hopefully that can help someone :)
take care